Gregs's 94 4Runner 08-2018


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Got this last summer from a barn in Chico, bad head gaskets...
I gave it a bunch a lovin...with a $0 budget thats about all I could give.

Nice clean old 4Runner
Put a low mile rebuild from another 4runner i have and found a bunch a crap i been collectin for a few years for a build.
1" body lift, energy suspension, pro-comp 4" arm lifty ,proforged, SC1, blah blah blah
Its still in progress, got some 33"s for it, will probably clear 35's now.
4:88's are next; solid axle, new engine and a girlfriend or a dog are on wish list

More pics at

I'm looking for another to build for someone...

I broke the forum size pics:




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Am almost ready to do it,
Got a 5.29 w true trac for front, and Jeep springs front and 63" rear springs.
Trying to order the Hangers and other parts I need as fast as I can. (list compiled- am shopping for price)
is there anywhere local I can find elbow grease?

Still need a locker for the rear and a dog


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Got most all of the parts from local Summit Racing,
They matched prices, had most in stock in Reno, but had free shipping, and a 0% interest for 18 months summit credit card helped.

SAS'in w a 85 front axle with all the trail gear diff truss guards

Longfield Chromoly Axle Shafts and Birfield Joints
Super Metal Knuckle Stud Kits
Trunnion Bearing Eliminator Kits
5.29 True Trac front
TG High Steer
Low Range Low Profile front Hanger
Rancho jeep 44044 front springs
Low Range Off-Road Shock Mount Front flat style TSP-UST
All-Pro Off-Road Rock Sliders
63" rear chevy springs
Ruff Stuff Ideal Chevy Spring Swap kit
Low Range Off-Road Shock rear upper Mount
Low Range Off Road rear diff gaurd TAR-DG
Trail-Gear Axle Rear Truss
35" Mickey Thompson Baja Boss's
ARB 5.29 29 spline w ARB mid size compressor
and a bunch a other crap, ..seals, bearings, ect

All the parts above I have or have been purchased and are in shipping now.
I'm almost ready to cut off the IFS lift and start installing all my parts, can't wait to have a solid front end and rear well as geared and locked.
Going to have it done in a couple weeks or by the end of the month.
Got everything I need except elbow grease...and those 63" spring are ~half the length of my truck and heavy.

(6 shooters and hyd assist... next stimulus...)