GSR Institutes martial law gun show!


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Just an heads up to anyone going to the gun show this weekend, there have been rule changes by the GSR to institute a martial law style gun show.

They are doing bag searches, TSA style person searches, and metal detector wand searches at the entrance.

The other big change is the fact that you are no longer in allowed to bring firearms in for sale unless you are a vendor.

You are also no longer allowed to buy firearms and ammo at the same time and must be escorted to the car if you buy any large amount of ammo or firearms.

There are more rules and regulations posted in the area, and photos of these rules. I do not have all the details, but it is a friendly heads up.

If you feel like being treated like a criminal or a communist, feel free to go to the show.
Can I still get a bump stock, 30 rd magazines and an oven mitt?

Gun shows lately are a joke. You can find a pillow, potato peeler, or maybe even some authentic made in China Native american jewelry. How about a Maglight adapter to screw on your muzzle for 'cleaning'. Copper bracelet? A custom made file knife? I will wait till the next street vibrations to get my $100 pillow. No need to freak people out with a permitted item. I am curious if my G20c would set off the hand scanner, it is mostly plastic you know.


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I talked to many vendors today - near as I can tell, this is/was the last show at the GSR. None of them want to come back.


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Just saw this ad on Armslist........

BEWARE OF THE GSR SHOW THIS WEEKEND 10, 11 AND 12, 2017. The Big Reno Show at the GSR will not allow you to bring any gun on to their property. They are turning you around at the door if you do. CCW Also, no CCW is allowed. Yes, you read this correctly, the GSR will not allow you to bring any firearms of any type on their property. The have signs posted as you enter the casino. They have security guards posted at the doors checking your bags as you enter, also they are wanding everyone who enters the show. You cannot bring anything to sell, trade or repair. The vendors are all pissed, some didnt even show. There are empty tables, when there shouldn't be. If you buy more the one gun, they make you leave out the back of building. You cannot have both ammo and a gun at the same time. They make you take it to your vehicle in two trips. If you buy more than 50 rounds they will escort you to you car so you can drop it off before you will be allowed to re-enter, if you buy more than 1000 rounds, they make you go to the loading dock to pick it up. You can't take a gun out through the casino like years past. They are searching bags as you leave also. There are police everywhere. They are nice, but a show of force. Vendors that are selling at the show can't have any guns in their rooms. Be careful here. There are some nice vendors getting screwed by the GSR. There are still some deals to be had, but because of the idiot in Vegas, they are in stupid mode.


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GSR does not allow off duty carry is well though the security director is former RPD........we had plenty of pissed off show goers coming to the shop and spending their money locally....


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My buddy and I went yesterday, saw the banners. Talked to the security guys at the casino entrance, got the lay of the land. I then went to the customer service desk for the show, spoke to Mrs. Fazio (the promoter's wife, I'm sorry to say that I've forgotten her first name; she is very nice BTW) who told me that they (the promoters) had been informed of the policy the day before the show. Since there was no notice of this when I bought my 3-day pass on Thursday evening, I politely pointed that out to Mrs. Fazio and asked for a refund. She told me that she would refer the matter to Lou Fazio and let me know.

We then went to the bell desk, spoke with Bell Manager Holmes, who told us that the hotel staff had been notified by their corporate office about the policy a week before. We politely informed him of our disappointment in the lack of notice by the casino to the promoter of the policy change and the ridiculous nature of the policy, going on to inform him that consideration to have a company event at their establishment would not now be possible and would never be possible until that policy changed.

My buddy and I spent a little time outside the entrance speaking with incoming attendees, urging them to do as we did. I'm sure that the hotel's corporate owners couldn't care less, but it needed to be done anyway. I urge anyone planning to go tomorrow to go to the desk and register a similar complaint in a calm and courteous manner... and then don't go into the show. If you have already paid for a pass, ask the show for a refund. Aside from social media, it's about the only way I can see to demonstrate our displeasure.

Later that day, I followed up with an email through the Big Reno Gun Show website contact page. I received an apologetic response from Lou Fazio and a refund later that day. For that, I absolutely give them credit and will attend their show again, as I have for many years... provided that they find another venue to hold it in.

We went and spent our money locally instead. GSR will never see another dime from me and I will actively disrecommend them and any property related to them.
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Fuzzyhole knew about this situation weeks ago. He chose to let it ride and let the chips fall where they may knowing full well if there was an option for vendors and the public to pull out he would be worse financially than having to give up a few refunds.
I'm curious how they are checking everyone who comes into the GSR. Are they scanning all guests or just those coming into the place saying they are going to the show?


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There were a pair of security guards at a table inside the casino entrance as in the past, instead of checking guns they were turning anyone with a firearm away. Reports from other attendees to me indicate that security was wanding attendees inside the doors to the show itself; I was in the vicinity of one of the entrances when I went to the show's customer service area but did not myself see anyone being wanded. I didn't bother to look inside the doors though.

There was no general wanding of everyone entering the casino that I saw.

I'd be interested in hearing any objective proof as to how "Fuzzyhole" could have known about the situation weeks ago when the hotel staff was only notified last week... and not, "I guess", or "My uncle's cousin's brother's aunt heard it from someone who heard it from Joe Anonymous". I tend not to call folks, the Fazios included, liars unless I had some objective proof of it, so let's see yours. All I have now is Mrs. Fazio's statement; a statement from a witness who certainly had a motive to make a self-serving statement; it still beats an empty assertion that they knew "weeks ago". If you have something concrete, bring it forward, it would most likely change my opinion of the promoters.

I'd still hope that anyone planning to attend, wouldn't, and if they paid for a pass, asked for a refund.
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casino is in a jam. promoters too. business as usual no longer ok. do nothing and some yahoo sprays the room, bad day. beef up the rules and spook away some, but they still make $. cost of business. like it or lot fellas, some fukstick goes postal with an AR and we will feel the heat. impossible for the gun rights community to fully self police the ranks. insurance companies have thumb on the scale. more so true after the vegas tragedy. these shows may be a --excuse pun-- a slowly dieing breed. We were regular attendees and private sales visitors back with the shotgun news shows in the 90s. Times sure have changed.



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