Hawley Lake Rescue Drivers Needed


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Once a year, Rescue Drivers are needed to assist transporting kids from Hawley Lake, in Gold Valley, to the trailhead near Graeagle, CA. This is Camp WAMP, for Wheel Chair Access Mountain Programs. Special kids get to have a summer camp in the high sierra and otherwise do stuff they'd never get to do. The trail into Hawley Lake is rather rough and 4-low is required.

The need help transporting the kids out from the lake to trailhead this August 20th. sadly, I'll be out of town, but last year we had a great time helping with the transport. The smiles on the kids getting a ride in a trail rig is priceless and we get to do something positive for the 4x4 community.

Last year, we went in a day early, explored gold lake, snake lake, etc and really had an enjoyable time. If any reno4x4 folks want to participate, the contact info is:

h) 530-283-4800
w) 530-283-6298

[email protected]

Hope some can pitch in on this excellent program.

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How trail worthy of a rig do you need to help out? The only thing I have running right now is my stock 4X Sierra 2500 (LB, xtended cab), not exactly nimble.


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We spied several foolsize rigs there last year-- there are several rutted sections and one steep up hill section, but no tight turns or difficult hard core obstacles. That said, its not a mere walk in the park. Gold Valley has several 5+++ trails (snake lake, little deer lake, etc.) but hawley lake is up from those trails, as it sits on a shelf in upper gold valley. The easierst way in is via Graeagle, then to Johnsville (Plumas Eureka State Park) and go west on the LaPorte road, then south to the A-Tree and then Gold Valley.

i suggest interested folks contact Garret directly for more details. From the lake to trailhead, its about 60-90 minutes, depending on rig/driver. I'd have to plot the actual distance on the topo program (at home). He'll also have departure info, etc.

thanks for ur interest.



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hey guys so who is all planning on goin to this? cause i think that it would be a lot of fun and we can all do a little wheelin while we help them out. :thumbsup: