Hey guys, new here...


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Hey i'm new here, i had a 1985 toyota 4runner with 33" Dayton Timberline M/T's, 5" lift (2" lift shackles front and rear, modified Waggy/Toy springpack in front for other 3", 3.5" blocks in back (i got poor what can i say?)), custom built front and rear bumper (the front bumper i got from pick and pull all broken apart, i welded it back together and made brackets to fit my toyota), the rear is just a 3/8" wall tube with brackets bolted to stock mounts. i had a roof rack on it with a hi-lift, and spare, and about 8 lights between the bumper and roof rack. i had spares and a comealong with tow straps in a box...

at any rate- it got stolen as i posted already. it was a nice truck and it was fun to go on the trails- i wanted to get out to the rocks, but didnt know any locals who wheeled and it would suck to break something when im by myself.... if i get it back i'd like to go wheelin with some of you guys.


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Well if you ever find/build a rig, there are alot of people who are willing to drop everything and go wheeling :) But in the mean time you can hitch a ride with any of the extreme guys out at moonrocks, just keep up on the chit chat about runs.