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That trail looks like bud canyon trail spoon, but I could be wrong. PM deadandcompany, he will know for sure, I think I saw a picture of his group on that trail.


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I was thinking about it today, and it may even be the area down around the Rob Drive exit area, by Somerset. There is a spot kinda by where Mae Anne goes down under the expressway that has alot of rocks that look alot like that area. I found a cache over there about a year ago.


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Nevermind, just looked it up on Keyhole, and I don't think they were that close to the highway....

Also, do a right click "save as" on his pictures, and they are labled "fernley2" and "fernley3" so its a safe bet to assume these are in the fernley area.

This is where I thought it was:

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It is definitely not Budweiser, but nice detective work on the file names and aerial photos! Those trails look like a lot of fun, I would not mind knowing where they are located.


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I think I've explored every road between Reno and Fernley off 80 going south. Nothing like that you could get to without trespassing. It might be off the power line road going north.
There are a bunch of roads off 395 between Fernley and Silver Springs I'd like to check out some time.