Hot August Nights


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Like it or not, Hot August Nights is here...

Starting tomorrow, my '59 Ford will be in town. I usually leave it parked at the Hilton during the day, and then take it out in the evenings to other venues/events. So if you are out and about at the events, and see a yellow and white 1959 Ford, that's my car...

I've talked about it briefly before, but here are some of the major details:

The good:
292 y-block (I think we've all seen enough cars with SBC's - different is good!), Edelbrock intake 3 x 2bbl holley 94's, red's headers, Howe aluminum radiator, bunch of other crap to make it shiny under the hood, front discs from 1970 LTD, rear discs from 1991 Mark VII, Cadillac master/booster/prop. valve, shaved handles, suicide doors, power windows, doors and windows on remote, 17" sprints/BFG rubber

The bad:
marginal paint/bodywork, crappy rusty trunk lid (replacement in garage), cracked windshield (replacement in closet), expecially bad paint on the roof, 2 speed ford-o-matic transmission (AOD or 5spd this winter), stock engine internals (needs a hotter cam at least...)

So, is anyone else registered?



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Not registered, but I will be cruising my 55 gmc around.You will know it because of the flame throwers out the sides


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My 69 Cruiser as well as a some others from our club are parked at the peppermill for the rest of the week. :D I'll be up there tonight, and then Friday, Saturday and Sunday.