Hound Build 2014 JKU


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High nickel content TIG rods?

Do the gears. It’s fun. By fun I mean really REALLY time consuming and worth paying $700/axle to have it done. Unless you like taking things apart to put them back together. Lol! But seriously, link the YJ after gears. Tons > YJ.

Yep its has nickle mixed with manganese.

$700 an axle Damn, I guess you have never heard of Uncle Gerry !

I am looking forward to gear these. Won't be my first rodeo.


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Not even really gears. Install the locker with the gears currently in the axles. A Driveline Shop in Reno quoted me $1,400 if I brought them the install kits, lockers, and axles.

No clue who uncle Gerry is.