How do you carry water?


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I am trying to figure out a way to carry drinking water supply in my Jeep. Preferably not very expensive. What do you do?

I have an Igloo water jug (see attached), it's 2 gallons, but I'd like more capacity, without taking up too much space.


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i had a five gal gerry can painted white with a spicket in the bottom like your cooler there.


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5 gallons attached to the receiver hitch rack I made.




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wow you carry a lot of spares when you go wheeling...

down at twin cities they have five gallon water plastic jugs that are shaped like their metal gas counter parts...i use on of those. Or if its just water for washing or cleaning and not drinking i use a five gallon metal but they rust out evetually...


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I am experimenting with some old liquid detergent jugs. they are a good size and already have the spigot.

big question is if I can get the soap taste out. Big if but we will see. They are cheap for sure


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what's your objective? Potable drinking water, or just hand and dish washing water?

I've found that nothing beats 48 individual bottles of purified drinking water for $10 at WalMart
Comes sealed, packaged, and the bottles are useful as targets----filled or empty!


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Near as I can tell, if you want to carry a lot of water you have to give up on keeping it cold. I just use one of the 6 gal. square shaped containers you can get at Wal-Mart or Sportsmans.


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I use a 6 gallon blue box from walmart its perfect for a 2 day camping trip for 2 and a half pint.
then thers the ice chest water for washing dirt off.


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I carry atleast two 5 gallon heavy duty water containers on most trips. It really comes down to how long you'll be gone, but that's a good amount of water for a few days. Buy some nice canteens from a surplus store and refill those for drinking water. That way the water stays cold, there's no mess, and you don't have to deal with stupid water bottles


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I buy 2.5 gallons of water, sodium free, in a container with a spigot. Everbody sells them. You can even choose the brand of water you like. I also have containers like you have, clean them and fill with ice and water.


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I also freeze 10 to 15 little water bottles for the ice chest. then a bag of ice ice cold water helps out when its 110 outside.


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I carry at least one Coleman 5 Gallon jug. I like this style because you can set it on the tail gate and use it like a water tap

I also freeze 1 liter juice bottles filled with filtered water from home. These keep food cold in one ice chest. Drinks are in the another ice chest with frozen 500ml bottles of water. The 500 ML bottles thaw at a nice rate for consumption on the road. By the end of the trip the 1 liter ice bottles usually melt enough to provide back-up water.
Unless we buy it along the way I almost never use cube ice. Why carry water that is going to be thrown away when I could carry frozen water that I can use?

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big question is if I can get the soap taste out. Big if but we will see. They are cheap for sure

It worked in Superbad!

Like Rusty_TLC, I freeze water bottles (I use gallon jugs) and use that for the ice in my ice chest and additional drinking water. It works well for shorter (3-4 day) trips.


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The square 5 gallon jugs work good in the back of the jeep and you could tie them down. The last time I took a 2.5 gallon plastic jug on a wheeling trip, the plastic sprung a leak because it got pinched or hit the seat frame. Not cool if your miles from nowhere but they work if your careful.


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i mount drinking water externally in a wire basket made for it-- just like u see on work trucks. On driver side of tub. (btw, jeep rescues hummer). Got it all @ Granger.


another shot showing how its placed. fill 3/4, drop in a block of ice and ur good to go, altho i duct tape the lid to avoud splash-loss. This way fresh water is always available, etc.

For possible fire supression, i mounted an old compressed-air powered extinguisher and is a nice source of pressurized water-- it'll shoot a stream of water over 40'. (super soaker?) Pressurize it w/ ur OBA. Helps as a trail side jeep wash. Got this one for $5 at a garage sale. Mounts to tire carrier. Here camping at Ellis Creek, Rubicon 7/07.


joe's 4x4 ranch


CJ6 Dave did the same thing-- works great! Flattery by imitation!

close up.

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Ooooo...I like the super soaker! I wonder if anyone around here sells those things. I've just used plastic bottles for dringing water and a WalMart blue cube for everything else.