How much do XJ's run??


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I am new to the whole four wheeling sport and I am selling my 89 XJ, was considering buying another Honda but I will see what i can afford and make up my mind from there. I just was wondering how much an like a 95 or 96 XJ would run. How much do lift kits run, tires and rims?? any help is good i want an estimate cause i dont know what vehicle to purchase because I 4x4 vehicle would work out great in the winter too compared to a Honda... .



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it all depends on what you buy. I sold my very clean 1995 stock xj for around $3000. Lift kits can run anywhere from $200-2000 and tires and rims are in the $1000 range. good luck. Be patient, your xj will sell, you bump the thing every 10 minutes...


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deadandcompany said:
I know where you can buy a lifted Grand Cherokee for $3500.
that is one helluva deal too, it has a juicy V-8 that will put any XJ to shame too.


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I drove it. It's super clean inside and out, and very fast. Helluva deal