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Are you associated with these folks?



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I hate people...well most people.
The animals aren't flawed like that.
I am most certainly NOT nuttier than those women with purse rats!!!


Why is this I the hunting section. Do we need a forum on reptile humanitarianism? It should be about humans hunting prey!! Not lizards finding crickets and crap!


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Make a proper section and move it if your vjayjays hurt that bad over it.
My Anaconda doesn't hunt crickets and crap.


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The people we got him from acted really clueless about his "conditions".
His front Jaw split , his shell was so soft you could barely hold him and it squished inward, his back legs just hang and he kinda moves them.
We are going to have to superglue a Lego piece to his underside so we can snap wheels suited for his ride height, then when he grows keep raising the ride height.
Reason for this is to rehab him so he uses his rear legs and the rear legs stay in a more proper position so he strengthens them.