"I did not make, and do not have, any such recordings."


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Wait? You mean he lied?! But, but...



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Big games at play here. Nothing is what it seems. Playing chess requires guts and strategy. Playing checkers like normal repubs gets you a democrat president for 8 years that did enough damage it may take 10 to find the extent of his crooked ways. Not saying he hasn't lied, just saying there is more to this than the slanted nytimes will ever understand or report.


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Do I really have to insert some sarcasm XML in here?

This one's raised, elevated that bar to heretofore unseen heights.
<question>What does data formatting have to do with this</question>

<sarcasm>Oh, I see, that data that Hillary formatted?</sarcasm>


Didn't he say that Comey better hope there is any recordings? That isn't a lie it's a statement. He didn't say "I have recorded that conversation and comey is gonna be sorry".

Now, does he lie? I suppose he does like all the rest. Does he make stupid statements and tweets? Most assuredly. Is the world coming to an end? No, if he can't pull it out then in four years we will have a new political stooge griping and gaining and promising the moon.