Individual Wheel Line Locks? DIY LSD/Locker


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This may not be practical and it's probably just easier to make sure you have lockers in front and rear, but I was thinking that if you had individual line locks to each wheel you could really customize the slip at any tire. This would not be a fast system since you would have to take the time to set it but if you had a switch panel for electric locks you could apply full or partial brake pressure, lock the wheels that are slipping too much, and then release the brake and apply gas. This would allow you to custom proportion power to each wheel for very tricky spots. I'm not sure I would want to do this with a limited slip diff but if you had an open diff it could be an interesting experiment.

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Would be interesting to try. I’ve seen people do it on the rear with their parking brake cables.... cutting brakes are common on Baja bugs and the like....
At the end of the day I think a pair of lock-rites would be cheaper and easier. But would be an interesting experiment