izzy rig


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That is my rig in the picture above and on my acount at photo bucket that is me with my broken nose :D
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well here is a more recent picture. i will get some more up later. i still have a few things to do!


Edit: i dont know how to make it smaller

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YOu've come a long way from the days of pine log jack stands IZ, now how about a pic that doesn't make everybody dizzy.


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that's a nice ride. how much different did the coil overs make the ride?50% better 75%? is it still firm around corners on the road?


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:D Your nieghbors must love that...Thats pretty funny though, I might be able to score you some stronger wood blocks if ur goin to leave it there for a while so its a lil more sturdy


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no no no..................this is Izzy's rig right here


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ya i plated the frame all the way from the steering box to about where the stock control arms mount with 3/16's plate. then from there all the way back with 1/4 angle and i drilled little holes in the plate to weld to the uni-body