Jeep 4.0 Rear Main Seal


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i need to do mine too, but I will just let it leak until it gets worse, does it do any harm to leave it?


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it's easyyy
I did it on my CJ7 and it took about 6 hours, BUT thats because on the CJ you have to lift up the engine to drop the oil pan. On the newer 4.0's its just a straight drop. Make sure you clean the gunk off the pan good, and paint it a shiny color, and that's about all there is too it.

You will need a punch to push out the old seal (make sure you pay attention to which way it goes in and out)

Use a one piece oilpan gasket. More expensive, but worth it in every way.

have fun


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yea this is another thing that i need to do to my jeep here soon too, it looks pretty easy though....

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ya i think every jeep i have ever seen in my shop is leaking out of the rear main, you should get a toyota and quit worrying


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Does anyone have a good link on how to do this? I have the front axle out from under the Jeep right now, so it would be a good time to do it. Just drop the oil pan straight down.:D