Just a few Photos.


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I didn't figure these belonged over in the Nevada camping thread so I thought I'd post them here. Backpacking in the Sierras last summer:





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Nope. Just the scale seems off but I took them myself. I want to get one though soon.
I have been running them about six years now. The photos you get are worth every penny. Swimming through the regulations as they have evolved since has been a journey. Roach & I actually had a visit from WCSD & three deputies via the WCSO Bell 206 Raven @HLT a couple years back. Good times.


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My wife and I are planning to go play in Death Valley over the Thanksgiving weekend. It'll be our first time there so I've been researching places to go and things to see. In addition to the Racetrack and Darwin Falls, we're also eyeing Saline Valley Warm Springs area and the Ubehebe and Little Hebe Craters. Any advice or tips for one heading on a 4-wheeling adventure in Death Valley?