Just how strong is an FJ40 Transfer case?


Hi all,

I'm planning to run the Rubicon with my 40. I ordered an Orion A MONTH AGO, and it has yet to ship, so looking like I will have to rock the stock, and original, 1967 tcase. I have a 6.5L V8 Turbo diesel, NV4500, and 35s. Just how much abuse do you think this case will take? I'm hoping to also get my axles done by then, which would give them air lockers front and rear and 4.56 gears. I know these cases can split right in half, but I've never seen what it actually takes to do it lol


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Conservative driving is the key. Hammer it and pay a price. They are towing a fully dead JK out of springs today and it’s a big effort. Don’t be like that. Good luck.