KOH 2017.. my trip in a few pictures

I decided this year to drive down to King of the Hammers this year.. It was a bitch of a drive, especially with 395 shut down due to the weather.. Stupid me forgot about hwy 6 and 95.. but at least i hit that on the way home.. I took a couple friends and my toyhauler, with a Haflinger packed up and ready to go inside of it. A toyhauler or camper is definitely the way to go at this event due to the constant dust, wind, temperatures, and people driving around 24/7.. Also everything was spread out all over hell, so a rig is a necessity for getting around to the different view spots. Here is my trip in a nutshell:

I arrived on Wednesday.. I'd recommend getting there before all the events start!

The drive.. sightseeing a bit in Palmdale..

Unpacking the Haflinger.. This lil beast saved us a LOT of walking..

Our ride at the top of Chocolate thunder viewing area..

Everyman race..

Interesting mog

and camper..

Nighttime was a cluster of drunken wheelers.. with even more drunks surrounding the wheelers.. Amazed nobody died..

Backdoor at night:

Chocolate thunder also at night, full of liquid courage.

Looking towards Hammertown from Chocolate thunder:


Dirty Harry

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Looks like you had a good time. I dig your Haflinger, it is like the original side by side!

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Nice post. I had a chance to buy the Haflinger's big brother, a 710 Pinzgauer, a few years back. Spousal pressure killed that deal. I still keep my eye out for one. Pretty neat little truck.

Dirty Harry

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I was down there for 10 days this year. I did a lot of prerunning (aka rec wheeling) but also had the chance to race this year. I had a blast!