Liberals and the left


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Next time you or a family member gets laid off from a job to save some company money remind your self the top 1% could give up just a tiny bit of their wealth (aka pay taxes) and we peons would all only have work 20 years to get a full pension.


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The stock market is up. And if you're paying close attention its the big investors selling off their stocks to the little man who is scaird of whats coming. Trying to invest wisely in a market they know nothing about, not saying I do.

I guess I should say the investment advice you're seeing in main stream media is controlled by people who have a lot more money than you.
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1% of the population have 95% of the wealth in the USA. Why are they not paying 95% of the taxes?

If you really want to get started please do.
Because it is an income based system, not a wealth based system.