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Superior machine- sparks,NV

Best quality machine work in town. Great workman ship and prices. Do everything from surfacing a flywheel to building you a full blown race engine. Owned and operated by the legendary "Augie". 25 years experience in everything from jeeps, chevys, fords, Pontiac, international and the list goes on. 380 Freeport blvd sparks Nevada. 775-358-4004.


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Here's a list of shops in the Reno area. It's not a comprehensive list by any means. Feel free to add any shops that you think are good places to go. Tell em Justin from Lithia Jeep sent ya.

Independent Shops:

Martin's Auto Service
2150 Mill Street

Monkey Wrench
3075 S Virginia Street

Greg's Garage
410 E 6th Street

Reno Vulcanizing
(3 locations)
N. Virginia
Plumb Lane

Independent Specialists
2375 Harvard Way

PDQ Shell
1790 Mill Street

Pro 1 Automotive
945 Terminal

Isn't Pro 1 no longer a Reno4x4 friendly shop?


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So I'm looking at getting an IH 345 engine rebuilt as well as the TF727. any recommendations on where to take it?


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i also need some engine work done. any good machine shops in reno???? i need some head work done on a 22re.


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I just had a really good experience with a shop. I went to Cooper Emissions shop over off of Rock in Sparks, and it was awesome. Several shops pointed me in the direction of Jim Smith for a carb tune up, and smog. This guys was able to figure out what was wrong with my 79 Bronco, fix it, and smog it all in an hour. He had the cheapest hourly rate I could find too.

If anyone is looking for some good carb work, quickly, and with a good shop rate, give Jim a call. He also owns Mooney's Automotive, and Im sure that shop is good too.



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Any recommendations for a shop that can install a rear bumper/tire carrier on a JK with a ham antenna mount in the way?

Dr Smash

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I know a guy in Carson city that can do anything you can imagine......... what was his name Hmmmmm?


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Gesslemens garage for tranny and t case!!! He is over by Air sierras shop (in the old sierra 4x4 location) he rebuilt my tranny and does good work! Located in Garnerville

Reno Computer Repair
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4 Wheel Parts is opening up soon in Sparks, will let Justin fill in the remaining details.
40 Victorian in Sparks (The old Suzuki building.)
I hope I don't get banished for 1. tooting my own horn, or 2. Posting this after only being a member for 1hour, but...

Peabody Fleet Painting Inc.
2235#B Glendale Ave.
Sparks NV 89431

Sandblasting, Painting, Autobody, Bedliners, Fiberglass repair, etc. We're basically an autobody shop for Trucking and Industrial applications but we have some useful services for Off Road rigs too: Colormatch your new bumper/sliders/exo, Sandblast that Dana60 you're about to rebuild, Fix that fiberglass fender you cracked at Moonrocks, refinish your rusty hauling trailer, paint your toyhauler etc. Frame off resto? let us sandblast it clean and paint it with our ultra tough urethane Frame Black. We specialize in utlra durable industrial grade single-stage urethane paints but are set up for any base coat+clear coat, enamel, epoxy, you name it. We are primarily set up to paint "big things" so we can easily accomodate your RV, hunting trailer, etc.

The shop has been in Sparks for almost 15 years, same owners but under new management. Stop by and see what we can do for you. Ask for me personally, John. Mention this forum when you come in for a discount.

Thanks for letting me post and for welcoming me to the forum. I apologize in advance if I have overstepped my newbie-status bounds.
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