Local auto paint shops?

t wrecks

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Anyone got experience with a paint shop in the Reno area? I have two vehicles I want painted and am looking for a quality shop at a decent price. Dont need anything fancey, just something that looks good and will stick for awhile.


Dirty Harry

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I had Concours do some work on my car (which I am much more particular about than my truck) and I was very pleased with the results and the price. The turn around time was quick too, although it was a rather small job.

I have heard that Cito does good work as well, but they are rather expensive.


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I heard that Super Glo on Sunshine Lane in Reno does good work. They are located right between Mill and Glendale....

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Paint shop

I had Redwood Auto Body in Reno off Dickerson do my 325is, we changed the color from fugly forest green to 2004 Laborghini Bianca White. Took a few weeks as I hit them during the busy season. I have pictures of before & after along with the Hunrer Lake & Peavin runs. I chose them because the price was right & noticed they were doing alot of custom vehicles, including THE Batmobile...LOL.

Here Are the pics.....



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I hope your not painting your cruiser!!!! I like it puke green.

Gill at Concourse refered me to Spraycraft for an "okay" paint job. They did a fair job on my Sons Corolla.