Making Axial AX-10 go faster


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I have an Axial AX-10 that I built a few years ago. I am looking to make it go a bit faster. It has Tekin FX-R ESC, which can handle LiPo battery as I understand. What motor should I go with?


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Ohh boy I would go with a Holmes 27 turn and 3 cell lipo. Or go brushless and run a 2000kv motor and a hobby wing 45a Esc it can handle 3 cell and has a Crawler mode


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i run a 3s lipo on my FXR with a 35t brushed motor, when i go out to moon rocks i put the smallest tooth pinion i have, but normally when i want a little speed i put on a bigger pinion gear. i think it's the cheapest way to get more speed or more torque. i like running the 3s lipos and gear it down because it gives me the slow high torque when i need and when i go full throttle it goes a little faster then i walk, i like it geared low and high voltage because then you wont burn up a motor as easy when you get in a bind