Man I Really Hate People Sometimes.....


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Me and my wife and roomates where going camping today so we got everything ready and everything into the back of the truck so we could leave first thing this morning so we drove all the way up to lake davis and realized that someone Stole all three of the tents out of the back of the truck last night.....

As i type im sitting here waiting for Sparks PD to show up so we can file a Police report but man I Dont understand people sometimes.. :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :maddance3 :maddance3


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wow man that really sucks, I can't beleive some of the things people will steal, for what reason we will probably never know.

I mean I personally lock my doors all the time, even at my own house, but I suppose it helps to have electric door locks (and an alarm to come) Maybe I'm just paranoid.

I hope they didnt like slim jim the door or break a window for 3 tents...


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DBXJ said:
well if u need them i have a couple big tents here u can borrow

Nah we just went and bought new ones and our renters insurance will cover it next week but it still just pisses me off......

and no they dident slim jim the door or anything, the tents were in the back of the truck with the bed of the truck backed into the garage and the garage shut half way down on the bed of the truck. :(


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That sucks matt, its really rude of someone to do that to you. I'm sorry that there are people like that out there.