Manual to Power windows


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Anyone ever done it? Looks pretty straightforward with the kit

$260.00 from Quadratec


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Biggest part is just getting power into the doors. Best case scenario is that the doors are already wired, and you just have to splice it in.

It would probably be cheaper to build with PnP parts though, or through the yard out by my place. They had a few clean cherokees with power windows.....


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Well i dunno man I had to replace the motor on my 92, and you cant just replace the motor, so I ordered a new assembly. You have to drill out the rivets, drill new holes to mount the new rivets in, and the thing still doesn't even sit right.

I saw alot of power window stuff in the xj's at pick'n'pull, it might be a little more rigged but it could save you alot of money.

Either way power windows are a pain in the *** to fix, let alone put new ones in.


Don't get junk yard parts for power windows. The stock regulator assemblies (the big items in the picture with track, cable, and motors) have a weak plastic clip in them that is prone to breaking (don't ask how I know...). A replacement regulator assembly (you can't just buy the clip that broke) costs about $110 or more from the dealer but the good thing is they now come with metal clips instead of plastic so they won't break like before.

Based on the price of replacement regulator assemblies, I'd say the price on that kit from Quadratech is pretty good. Can't go wrong with new parts.


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I'm always wary of pulling electircal components off of junked vehicles. And something like a power window, I want to work when I need it. The description of the kit from quadratec says that you don't need to do anything except pull the old junk out, and install the new. "Can be done in a weekend morning" it says. I guess we'll find out!


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Haven't done it in a jeep with a fancy bolt in kit, but I have recently switched out the manual windows in my '59 for power using a generic 'street rod' kit. It was pretty straight forward and probalby could have been done in a day if that was all I was doing. Wiring was/is a PITA, but the combination of newly flipped suicide doors, no previous wire connections, and hooking up to a wireless remote system complicates things some...