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I talked with Marin’s Auto Service yesterday about doing the 120K service on my ’04 WJ Overland. This is my first experience with Martin’s. Since most of the service consists of fluid changes, my biggest concern was getting the right ones in the front and rear axils and transfer case (Quadra Drive with Vari-Lock axils and an NV247 transfer case). The other things it needs are fluid and filter change in the transmission (ATF4 fluid); replace the spark plugs; lube everything lubable; replace the PCV valve; and perform all the usual inspections. I passed on an oil change since it isn’t needed yet, and on replacing the air filter. For some reason Chrysler used a different size air filter on the HO 4.7L engines than is used on the regular 4.7’s. This usually ends up being “special ordered”, so I keep a supply of my own and change them when needed.

I went over all of this with Martin’s and they said they wanted to do some research and would call me back. About 4 hours later they did. What they researched was Chrysler’s recommend 102K and 120K service as well as the specific fluids needed for each component of the drive train. I’d already done the 102K service, so we focused on the 120K one. Their recommendations matched the research I had done, so I was very impressed that they took the time to check what was needed and got it all correct.

Monday the work gets done.

Today, I’m a happy camper.

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Been using Martin's since he saved my ass on Peavine around 06. Good guy, and you can tell by the amount of rigs in there every week how wide his fan club reaches; from Toyota to Jeep and beyond.