Mobile base camp

With a new truck on the way I have decided to turn my jeep into a overland rig. I have been doing a lot of mountianeering/ climbing and some of the approaches we stay with the cars for a night before going to base camp climbing ect. So my plan is to turn the zj to an over land rig with sleeping and shelves in the back to hold gear. A carrier up top for water and misc storage with a solar panel attached to that . a bumper for fuel plus a spare tire. And a little portable mini weather station is the plan right now. Any ideas on how to mount the shelves or any one willing to help buil them?

Special K

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keep us posted on the build, my next build will be a zj setup more for overlanding as well (for the purpose of getting to hiking trails, climbing locations, or well, the middle of no-where)
I've got to sell my xj before I can start though

good luck with the build


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I had seen a bad a$$ bright red full size van that was setup for what you want. Not sure if that is practical for tighter trails.


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years ago I had a '66 dodge van all set-up for camping. it got to be a joke in the 4x4 club I was in, when someone started to complane about the trail the joke was that L.D. had his van in here last week. and many times I towed me flatty in behind me as far as I could before makeing camp. so ya, an older van would work vary well. DAMN, now I'm realy missin that old thing.