Money pit.


I haven’t been on here in ages, but I thought I would post my build. It’s a 2010 JK Rubicon. It’s on 37’s with spyderlock beadlocks. The front axel is sleeved, trussed, and gusseted with chromolys all the way around. It was completely stock in the beginning of the summer, so it’s came a long way in a short time. A huge shoutout to Brizzman for all the help in the past year as I get into more serious wheeling.



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The Money Pit did great on Bud Sunday. It did have a Rusty's Flex Joint go out near the beginning of the trail, but it still did the whole trail, including the waterfall without winching. We got it fixed up quick after a trip to Summit for a Rock Jock Johnny Joint replacement.

The bad joint looks to me like it was not made right. There doesn't seem to be any damage, but the threaded plate holding the bushing together has almost no thread engagement and won't tighten up. It acts like it's stripping, but the threads don't even hold enough to show any damage to the plate or the joint.