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Go fuck yourself Harry Reid, the Indians can go fuck themselves too. All I got out of that was blahblah your fucked, the Indians might give you some limited use for some questionable amount of time


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'sensible' in DEM-speak = we'll do what we want, F the rest. When the REI rock climbing types got kicked off of Cave Rock the timer was started. Unless/until the OHV community literally cleans up its act, the fate of MR is sealed. Wonder what % of the drunk fools last w/e were locals v out of owners? The circus-like 'no rules' days may be doomed.


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I think Reid's a lost cause at this point. He already said he's going to give it to them and he doesn't have to worry about reelection


Finally received word from Mr. Amodei:

July 28, 2016

Thank you for contacting me with your concerns about my legislation, H.R. 2733, the Nevada Native Nations Lands Act. I appreciate hearing your thoughts on this bill.

As you may know, the Nevada Native Nations Lands Act would allow federal land to be held in trust for six different tribes throughout Nevada. By carefully balancing the unique needs of our Nevada tribal nations with those of local ranchers, land owners, public lands recreationalists and businesses, this bill will allow Nevadans to chart brighter futures for their communities while preserving their cultural heritage and traditions.

My approach to this and other public land transfer proposals in Nevada is that they are bottom-up, community-driven and undergo a transparent process. I believe that Nevadans should have a seat at the table when it comes to decisions about federal land use. The Nevada Native Nations Lands Act will allow for Nevada public land to be placed back into local control rather than a Washington-centric federal agency–empowering those who are best suited to make decisions surrounding economic development.

I understand your concerns regarding the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony’s transfer and its misrepresented effect on Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) use in the Hungry Valley Recreation Area. Please be assured I have spoken with Chairman Melendez of the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony regarding his organization’s willingness to work with members of the Nevada OHV community to ensure access routes across federal land remain available for OHV enthusiasts.

After 35 months of an open and transparent process, the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) issued several legislative action alerts, beginning on April 27, 2016, opposing H.R. 2733 after its companion bill passed the Senate. Not only did they not have the courtesy to contact my office to discuss their concerns before sending the alert to every Member of Congress, but the alerts were inaccurate. It's even more troubling the AMA did all of this after endorsing the Nevada Native Nations Lands Act (H.R. 2455) that passed the House on December 1, 2014.

To get the facts and review a letter I wrote in response to the AMA, please click here.

To view supporting documents from Washoe County regarding this proposed land transfer, please click here.

To view supporting documents from the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony corresponding to this issue and legislation, please click here.

Finally, click here to view the full text of H.R. 2733 to learn more.

Please rest assured as this legislation moves forward, I will keep your concerns in mind, and continue to support the principal of multi-use as well as respect all private property rights and leases under any proposed transfer of land.

I appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to apprise me of your opinions and hope that you will contact me again should you have any further comments or concerns. If you would like additional information on my activities in the House, please visit my website, or connect with me on and

In closing, please know that I consider it a privilege to serve and represent you and your family in Congress.


Mark E. Amodei
Member of Congress



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Seems like a little bit of good news yeah? Or am I being too optimistic in reading the 4th paragraph? Tried clicking the links but the work computers don't like them.


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Routes across might be ok FOR NOW but I bet any side trails you're hosed on. And whats to say a few months down the road they don't tell all of us to pound sand. Or ticket people for some asinine law.


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Open for now, but nothing is guaranteed.

I hate to sound ignorant, but other than just a feel good measure to make it look like they're doing something nice for natives, why is this land being transferred? What are the native Americans going to do with it? Is there some sort of plan or is it just a land steal plain and simple?

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Are there any updates on this or official maps? I have heard a few people mention that the whole Reno Spars Indian Colony area that was granted to them last year is now closed off for alllllllll usage. Anybody have details or corrections about this?


My daughter and I got kicked off last Sunday, as well as several motorcycle guys. A deputy and Res Leo..Both were very professional, and the deputy was extremely apologetic. Told us all we could finish the day, but next time could be a ticket....We were between Chickadee and Eagle. They then left to talk to all of the other shooters/ riders in the area...Ugh!


Everyone needs to donate to Blue Ribbon Coalition (and other 4x4 groups) -

and like their facebook page -

-- get the word out there, spread it around like peanut butter and jelly.

-- I just donated.

Everyone should remember this when voting for Amodei / Heller / Reid-Jr (aka Cortez_Masto) - This trifecta is the reason this is happening...

Township - Range - Section - each section is a square mile = 640 acres
21-20-17 to 18
21-20-7 to west half of 10 + 21-19-12
21-20-06 to part of 02 + 21-19-01
22-19-36 + 22-20-31 to part of 35
22-20-26 to 30 (partial of each)

larger map -
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Try the BLM office, see what maps they have:
Address: 1340 Financial Blvd, Reno, NV 89502
Phone: (775) 861-6400

Don't know if they have any updated maps. The agencies aren't that good at updating their maps except when they want to close an area.


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I saw on the news today that the Indian colony has backed off on limiting usage of the area. Sounds like it's still a no go for shooters, but wheeling and dirt bikes are okay without a permit.


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I saw on the news today that the Indian colony has backed off on limiting usage of the area. Sounds like it's still a no go for shooters, but wheeling and dirt bikes are okay without a permit.

This is good news. The shooting in this area was out of control anyway and needed to be addressed.