More death wobble posts


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Ok so ever since I buttoned up the front suspension its been deathwobble ever since, everything is tightened up and complete, My guess is but im not sure, it has to do with the steering/tie rod set-up, I'm sure its stock and hasn't ever been touched, but I really don't want to get into it. One of the wheels jumps at full turn kind of like the differential is locked (thats the best way to describe it)

It hasn't been aligned yet but I really don't think it will fix it. Any common new lift problems I have missed?


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You would be surprised what an alignment can fix. It was a night and day difference in driving when I had mine alligned a few weeks ago...

What all components were replaced in your lift? I know i also felt a nice difference once I lowered my track bar....


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You Can Do your Own alignment just to see if it helps out, and i am almost positive that it will. Go there and Check it out. if that helps out at all then take it to a shop and have a Full Front End Alignment Done.

Have you Done anything to your Trackbar? Lowered it? Replaced it? Adjustable? Non?


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It replaced lca, springs, shocks, and I have yet to install the trackbar drop (grinding drilling reqd) and the sway bar drops.

I've heard bad things about trackbar drop brackets, it places too much stress on something... I might get a RE adjustable one if it turns out that's the problem.

I'll put the alignment back to as close as what it was before I lifted it if I can as well


Figure out what you want to do with the track bar FIRST (install it or get a new one, whatever... get it on and the axle centered).

Then go down and get an alignment done. Yes you can adjust the toe yourself, but its worth it at least once to get it done by a pro. Keep the print-out that shows what your Caster is at. You need an alignment anyway, not for DW, but so your tires don't wear down to nothing in a week! So get it done.

If the alignment doesn't help, I'll give you some other things to check. Its a process of elimination from there until you find the cause.


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Yea I'm going to take it in tommorrow if I can make it :O It really pisses people off when you pull over on 80 where there is no shoulder, not to mention really scare the living crap out of me. The local guy here in town might do it but im not sure.