Music when you wheel?

What do you wheel to?

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What do you listen to, if anything? I prefer ACDC for wheelin, unless its techinical, then the radio stays off


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yup WIS for me... if im mudding i sometimes have the radio on- but i like to hear if something breaks before it tears me in half... :D


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Led Zeplin, Areosmith, sometimes Rob Zombie. Classical is nice once in a while. Old Country, like Johnny Cash and Hank Williams, you know "I walk the floor" type stuff. (Modern Country reminds me of seventies POP music). I like Bob Marley and Raga in general.

About the only kind of music I could never get my arms around is Hip Hop. Iambic pentameter just wears on me after a while.


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Normally when i wheel, i listen to Rob Zombie, or AudioSlave. but alot of the time i turn the radio off so i can listen to my junk break :D


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Yea, it's always off unless I'm waiting in line or it's straight desert road.

More of a rap guy myself, but Hearing the sound of rubbage and slack getting taken out of the driveline is what I Choose to hear when wheelin


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my 'getting it' music includes beastie boys, RUN DMC, metallica, korn, linkin park, MC hammer, and DJ quik. i rarely wheel in silence, except for when im enjoying the lovely sounds of broken axleshafts!!!