My First!!!


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I broke my Jeep! Oh joy, nothing special just the litlle clips (don't know what their called) that hold the rear Drive Shaft onto the axle and the bolts broke off into the axle housing so Ill have to drill and retap those. I think they have been braking for a while now though. I was just playin in the sand and the tires started to spin and the drive shaft just started clunkin around and so (about 1 hammer, 1 screwdiver and 50 rocks later) I popped the U-Joint out and stuck the yoke back in to get it to my friends house.


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You broke the U joint or the U-bolt that held the u joint onto the axle/driveshaft. Thats some good work there :) You should replace the U-joints with some high quality ones if you havent already (like $15 at your local auto parts store, lifetime warranty) Might be a pain in the *** to get on but better then being broken down on a trail such as your situation was.