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Although, I haven’t yet met a majority of Reno4x4’s members, some of you are familiar with and many have seen my XJ in various part of Reno, both on and off the trail. This past summer I pushed my daily driven Cherokee to limits that all Jeep enthusiasts fear when it comes to the unibody. Like many framed four-wheelers, I experienced a steering box fighting larger tires resulting in a weakening metal unibody. My shit was cracked, popping at every turn like most unibodies I’ve seen pushed too hard through the rocks. The previous owner was kind enough to install a Dana 44 in the rear but everything else including the C-rok unibody support bracket welded to the unibody has been anything but helpful. That’s right, my shit was cracked, popping, and the “Band-aid” applied by the previous owner now stood in my way from ever having a respectable rig….

Living the Cherokee life is hard…. Little respect, and never a passing wave or nothing… Like owning a crotch rocket during Street Vibrations, everyone dislikes or hates you, even the fellow bikers.

I ended up taking the jeep to a reputable shop, after sourcing some amazing unibody stiffeners by Hooligans. I hadn’t any desire to touch the unibody with a welder, and thought a well-known and respected shop would make life easier. Unfortunately, the jeep sat at the shop untouched for 3 weeks.

Back to the drawing board I went. I picked up the jeep and began prepping the jeep’s surface myself and babied it around town on rainy days, depending heavily on my motorcylce for transportation. I didn’t want to drive to Carson but thought the work Dr. Smash did on the other black XJ in Reno was absolutely amazing, and thanks to Reno4x4 I located, Tim’s business, 775 Fabrication a block from my second job on Glendale in Sparks! Tim contacted me nearly immediately after contacting him via email. Tim reached out through the phone and asked me to stop by his shop to get a better idea of the worked needing to be completed, as well as to provide me with an estimate. I originally wanted to have him incorporate the unibody stiffeners the best he could, modifying their fitment to avoid escalating the destruction caused by the previous owner’s improper installation of the C-rok steering brace to the unibody. Instead, Tim suggested we start over and remove the damage caused by the previous repairs, correctly repair the cracked unibody, and install the stiffeners properly. I admired his confidence and scheduled an appointment to drop the jeep off following the rainstorms, allowing me some good weather for motorcycle riding, about 3 days later.

Tim was sending me pictures and messages the day after I dropped it off detailing me with the discoveries found during his dismantling. A day later, and days before expected, Tim sent me a message and pictures showing the completed project. It looked amazing, and was done much faster than expected. I thanked him and stared at his amazing work for a week before my schedule allowed me to test it off-road. The steering felt amazing, and the stability was better than I’d ever experienced, but left turns and weird bounces caused large pops and weird feelings in the steering.

I stopped by Tim’s shop about 2 weeks later on my way to work one day and asked if he could check it out for me when he had time. Instead, he dropped was he was doing and tried to diagnosis the noise we both heard but could not locate for more than 15 minutes, right then and there. When we both gave up, we scheduled an appointment that corresponded best with the weather for me, and his work load as well. I dropped the jeep off a few days later, with Tim shutting down his shop to give me a ride in his awesome 24v when he learned I had plans to walk the 2-3 blocks to my work. Just like the last time, Tim was messaging me the following day with updates. He had found the source of the problem, and was asking my thoughts and inputs. With full trust in his abilities, backed from his own experience with his Comanche, as well as the amazing work done with the stiffeners on my XJ, I simply asked him to make it right, knowing he could cut and repair the unibody without much effort.

Tim’s repairs were second to none! I gave him a reasonable task, and he produced exceptional results on both jobs, in an amazing amountof time. Tim at 775 fabrication may be one of the best welders in Reno, and he’s certainly earned my respect, as well as all my future business. Here’s some pics. Do stop by and shoot the shit with him, spend your dollars, and watch a man who can work metal like one who shouldn’t own a unibody!

CHEERS to you Tim!


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