My new street toy: 1989 Toyota supra turbo

I just brought my supra home from Travis AFB, and I am having a blast with it... for 2500 dollars...

...I just simply cant beat that even with my old (non running atm) turbo miata
(this thing)

This is the supra all clean (but very blurry... lens was dirty I think) picture of it when I bought it at Travis, with my DD lexus behind it....

...this is it the night after driving it over the summit after my friend dropped me off at travis otw to san fran.

at the donner pass rest stop, CHP pulled me over because my brake lights were too hard to see... so I did this, he approved.

I bought this car with one hell of a performance package, sometime soon I will type out everything here but right now I am too lazy.

So, I have a quick question following after all this madness... is there anyone on here that can strip the paint off these wheels for me? this grey wheel paint makes it seem bland, and makes the wheels seem smaller than what they are.