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Finally joined, got a hand written note that was pretty cool, I really appreciated that.

Got my stickers. Glad I joined, sad I took this long!


Gizmatical Fuquad

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Thanks to a reminder from a friend, I went and joined today. Been meaning to for a while, just never got around to it.


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Bump for this.

Association has been around for almost 2 years and still just about 100 members state-wide. Join, join, join. I'd rather you support N4WDA than Reno4x4, if you have to decide between helping out one or another.

They are also going to be included on the Nevada's OHV commission, so they can be your voice there.

If you don't have the time to fight for YOUR land to remain open and accessible, support the organization that's willing and can. It's only $30/year.