Need Emmisions Help, Failed BAD!!!


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Hey all,

My 83 CJ-5 just failed emmisions badly! The guy that did the test said the idle numbers were the worst he has seen in 13 years, in the same sentence, he said it runs great...I bought the Jeep at sea level and have yet to adjust the carb. I went wheeling with Kairo last night and as we went higher, it started to run like crap and stalled going up even moderate inclines. Anyone know how to tune for altitude? And, do you think that would help me get through emmisions?? I have the report with all the numbers if that would help...


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Did you ask the guy there if he could tune the carb while it was hooked up to the machine? He may charge you for it, but while it's hooked up he can tune it and see if it'll be close to passing then. I had the same problem when I moved from Olympia (400 ft elevation) with my blazer and mustang - wouldn't pass til the a/f ratio was tuned for elevation.

I have always taken mine to Denny's Dependable automotive for the smog checks and he's great, incase you don't know a good shop yet.