Need hood painted

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Just bought a TJ and it needs the hood painted gloss black.

Looking to get it done cheap, not perfect but better than a rattle can.



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We painted my son's XJ hood, with a spray-in bed liner from a can. It came out pretty good, no lines or runs, it cures pretty good. You just have to shake the heck out of the can before spraying and make sure once you start, do not stop otherwise the nozzle tends to clog up pretty fast.

I also used U-Pol Raptorliner to coat the bottom of the doors on my truck and it was super easy to spray with their supplied gun and I got professional looking results.

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Okay, so I needed my TJ hood painted.

Local licensed shops were $750-$850, just to paint the hood.

I thought I could do better with the small guy working in the smaller shop or from his garage. It's a Jeep and didn't need a show quality paint job. I'm flipping this Jeep soon and so I didn't want to put in a ton of money. $600 was a better deal and he would do the cowl as well.

The guy I found was on Craigslist. His price was a couple of hundred less than the big boys. This is what I was looking for in a flip paint job. The problem was that he was in Stead. A bit of a drive, especially when I needed friend to pick me up then drop me off.

I kept telling myself I'm helping the little guy working paycheck to paycheck.

The paint portion went okay but I picked it up at night (never do that) and didn't check it out like i should have.

After the paint cured, and I got it out in the sun, I noticed it needed those final touches like getting rid of the orange peel. So, I called the guy, dropped it off (a second set of picking up and dropping off) and then he started hitting me up for more money to do the buff out. I argued but needed it done and other shops would have really over charged me at that point. Add $150 to the total, putting it right up there where the legal shops would have been.

After rushing it back up to the guy, as he said can I have it there within the hour, nine days later I drove it home. I didn't push the guy on getting it back to me until I had a test drive for a buyer lined up. He said no problem, tomorrow or the next day at the latest. Well, not tomorrow, but the next day, I started calling around noon to ask for an update.

At 2:30 he said two hours. I said see you at 4:45, he said better 5:30. I got there at 5:40 and drove off at 6:45! Again, in the dark.

It still needs another coat of wax or two but should look fine. I still need to see it in the sun light.

For those of you looking to do something similar, get references, hammer down on the details, prices and deadlines.