Need info on where to enter peavine for trip


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On saturday, my buddy with his stock explorer, and another buddy with a stock 'dango are gonna try and do peavine to truckee via backroads. Where would the best place to start from be in Reno? I'd offer this up to you guys to go, but we wanna keep it just us three. We may end up camping--not sure yet.



Sierra Valley

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Sounds Kinky:barf: , dont worry I wont go. However, rumor has it that if you start out at Kings Row and head all the way to the top where the radio towers are you can drop off down into dawg valley and from there you can go to Bordertown, Boomtown, Verdi, Loyalton, Sierraville, Stampede, Boca, and last but not least Truckee.


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Ditto on SV's response. To get from Peavine to Truckee, u'll have to exit the mountain via Mitchell Canyon into dag valley or go over to Jeep Eater Hill (we gotta do a run there someday soon!) Either way, thats the way out. If u get to the top of peavine, drop down and west thru the aspenm trees and just keep trending west-- all roads lead somewhere...




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Its gonna be fun if you don't know where you're going.:D But from your place, go under the freeway, turn right on Virginia, go straight and the road'll turn to dirt. Go to the top of the hill past the house and there's a road that turns left. use that and go over the tracks and keep left. Take it from there and have fun.


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Do you come out at the first Y on dog valley? cause I know you can't get from the hill right down into verdi on dirt roads, cause they don't exist. Well there is 1 I think that leads into the gated community but it comes out on private property.


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well we ended up just going to hunter lake. I got stuck on a log and had to take a strap from an explorer :skull No harm done though