Need Some Help!!!!!! Roll Over


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Okay I got a note on my Jeep not more than 2 hours ago, and I guees this guy needs a winch on Hunter Lake Trail. My jeep is out of commission, so I am of no help :( . Anyways this guy is willing to pay $200 for someone to go grab him. tonight or tommorow. His contact #'s are 829-1627 or 206-406-7312 ask for Mike. Any help would be great I don't have a contact list or elese I would call. SO PLEASE someone make that call if you can!!!!!!


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Ouch, well If my jeep wasn't on stands I'd do my best to go help, but I don't have a winch. I wonder how far he is up the trail.


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wow, sorry to hear that. On a positive note, look what I picked up for an ubbelievable deal.

MSRP for a new one is around $42,000, I got mine for $3,000 :D


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yea it sucked to find out that it was gone. At first we thought maybe someone rolled it down the side of the mountain but no luck. I feel for the guy