Never Let Friends help Put on Stickers....


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Well today i washed the jeep and everything so that i could put on my new stickers and i decided to go inside and eat lunch and let the jeep and the stickers warm up in the sun before i put them on, so while i was eating my friend (yes the same one that messed up on the rear leafs :( ) decided to start putting my stickers on and he got the drivers side one on it, and it is way crooked :( so since that one was allready messed up i tried to do the passenger side at the same angle to see how it would look.....well to me it looks like crap and im pissed :mad: :thumbsdow

so now i gotta see if i have enough for another set of stickers and hope that tom might still have one more set :(

ok done ranting......



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i know what you mean! dont let your friends touch stuff you want done right. And just to make you feel better, my dad puts stickers on my jeep all the time. He hides them in stupid places so I wont see them. I'll be at the gas station and notice a "breast cancer awareness" sticker or something stuck on my jeep


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I will be at the shop tomorrow after 9:00am workin on the jeep if you want to stop by and get another set.

superglo autobody
314 sunshine ln

its between mill and glendale just west of 395


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well Tom im gonna need to get a new set off ya too i seemed to have lost one of mine in transit and i know i had both when i got home so let me know if u still have any left