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A friend of mine just picked this up for me at a garage sale. I'm trying to find a globe, maybe a coleman?



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Come to the Sportsmans Warehouse. We have a whole bunch of different lantern globes in camping. Just ask for someone cause we keep them in back so they don't get broken...


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A very common lantern is this Model 8326 double burner Thermos.
The original box that came with the Holiday Thermos
(right image) is dated Feb. '63
Note the indented globe rest to provide a lighting hole
for the mantles, a feature that is present on both the 8312 and 8326 models.
The lantern on the left is in Chris Fearon's collection.

I wonder if this would fit:
Or this:


I really need a hobby...
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I really need a hobby...

:eek: no kidding :D

I'll check at sportsman's. I didn't expect them to have anything because I'd never seen one like this out front, but if they have glass in back I'l d be worth asking.