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Hey guys, I have been following the boards for awhile now, thought I should introduce myself. My name is Bryan I live here in reno, drive a 95 White XJ. Looking forward to doing some wheeling this summer with some other are some pictures...





4.5" Lift (Rusty's 3" bumped it up with spacers and shackles)
33x12.5 Dayton Timberline MT
15x8 4.75"BS
Fender Trimming
Factory TCase Skid
Mopar Gas Tank Skid
Custom Cold air intake
LeBaron Hood Vents
TB Spacer
GDI 3core Radiator
JKS Quicker Discos
SOON: 4.56 gears, custom rear bumper, more trimming,
custom rock rails

Nice to meet you guys see you out on the trail...not sure yet about BC...still thinkin about it...


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First one is MoonRocks...Second is Rubicon, tahoe side of the lookout top o Caddy Hill... Thats as far as I have gone in, would like to go all the way this summer need to finish my rock rails, and gears first.


Welcome Brian. Looks like you have a nice jeep. Welcome to the LeBaron vent club as well. ;)

I think you'd do OK for Bronco if you are willing to chance it without rock rails. If nothing else come and join us anyway - there will be others that will come but pass on running the canyon.


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HOWDY PARTNER!!! nice xj... thats all i ever wanted... one of those .. but then you look at what i ended up with and say 'what the hell???'.. yea thats what im sayin too... i like xjs more than tjs.. but thats life i guess.. i used to have one that looked a whole like black widows.. same specs...
anyways cant wait to see ya on the trail!!


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Thanks Guys, looking forward to running with all of you too. Seriously thinking about joining you on Bronco Canyon, I am not totally worried about rocker damage, already have a little from part of the Rubicon...but seeing as how I have my rock rails in the works it would suck to bash it up more...we'll see.