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So did everyone have to re-register?

I tried logging in all five times and nothing worked. I copied and pasted my user name and password directely from the first email from strongofbackweackofmind. But nothing worked so i just thought that everyone had to re-register.

well, speak up.


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Yes, everyone had to re-register. Now we all have the chance to have more posts than tom....



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Ya I got all pisted off over the whole deal that I could not get in over and over and over again man I was mad untill today when I read the post about that you had to re register but it is all good now by the way this is the same software that pirate4x4 uses on their web site :D


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Vbulliten is arguably the best forum software around. It's expensive, but unparalleled for customization and configurability (is that a word?)
All the big forums use VB
etc. etc.


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The other main forum I go to uses InfoPop UBB.threads? 6.5. I like that software a little better than this, but this software does suit our needs....