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Drove over the hill and picked up a super clean 2006 F-250 XLT, Crew cab, short bed with the 6.oh no. Good news is it was well maintained and only had 80k on it. As is customary for me when any used car comes home, it gets the full fluids and filters treatment. I've just about wrapped up everything with the exception of the trans and the coolant. Any recommendations on shops?

Also, I'd like to get the speedo calibrated for the larger tires... Cheaper to just buy a programer? Thanks in advance!
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I’d swap from gold to like CAT ELC red, and put a coolant filter on there. And do some thorough reading but MAYBE run vc9 through before dumping it.

Take it to Dynamic or Adams HRC.


Trans, get a '08 pan and filter, the '06 just has a worthless screen.
DO NOT flush the fluid just refill the pan and repeat every 30k.
Get a Autoenginuity as it will adjust your spedo plus check codes etc..
If your able do a complete bullet proofing on the 6.0.
Tunes ,,,get hold of BTS and run his.
Use Full Syn fluid's.