new to reno any good jeep mechanics?? with good pricing


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Hi guys, im new to reno i got a 02 jeep TJ looking for a mechanic that can change my oil pan, @ a far price, and also looking for meeting spots to chill with other 4 wheelers, thanks


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oil pan is an easy job to do, can be messy, but it aquaints you with your Jeep, like nothing else, short of rear main seal replacement, will do.

actually, a specialized 4x4 shop would probably charge you mroe to do this job than a regular auto shop would. it's a generic job, so just find a good mechanic to do it.

if your rear main is leaking, it might be a good idea to replace it while the oil pan is off.


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ya i kinda smashed it from the bottom side, i got a new oem pan and a gasket set, if u can help that be great thanks


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Thats an Easy Job, you got everything you need well maybe a little bit of RTV but drain the oil out and just let it sit for a bit with a plug out, take off all the bolts around the pan then it might take a little prying to get it off just be sure not to marr the mounting surface of the block, clean off the block mounting surface real good and put a little rtv on the oil pan (very light coat all the way around) and put the gasket on and make sure its lined up correctly and reinstall it then let it sit for a little while before you put in any oil and viola new oil pan.