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Hello Nevada off roaders. My name is Ian and I am planning on moving to Fernley next month from Norfolk, Virginia. I used to wheel often in Texas and then Washington state but fell off when I moved to Virginia and sold my Jeep. However, I just picked up a 2019 ZR2 Duramax and would like to get into overlanding. If anyone in the area would be interested in "chaperoning" me when my wife and I get there I would really appreciate it. I have been reading through the forums to get an idea of land access and popular routes but it's a bit overwhelming considering I have not yet visited the state. Looking forward to exploring your state!

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Welcome! There are several off road groups in the area, but most post up on their respective Facebook pages. There is a trail runs and events section here, but very little traffic.
Some local clubs off the top of my head:
Hills Angels 4x4, Silver State Off-roaders, Reno Overlanding.
I am with the Hills Angels and it's pretty good group. We focus more or cleanups and keeping public lands public.


I'm an admin of the Reno Overlanding group. We try to do one run/trip per month as a minimum. Easier stuff targeted for less built up rigs mostly, focusing on equipment and the camping side of it a little more.
I'm also in the Hills Angels group. Lots of good people around. Runs from mild to wild. I'd suggest getting in all the groups and join in on runs as each group posts them up.

Pretty much anywhere you look in nevada there is a trail/road to get there. A lot of open land.


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Just saw these responses. Thanks for the info I will check out the pages on Facebook. Just got to Fernley yesterday and am already in love with this place! Can't wait to get out exploring!