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I like the long bed Tacomas. I also happen to think the quicksand color is the best color Toyota has put on these vehicles. Finding a long bed quicksand Tacoma in the TRD offroad is bascially a Tacoma unicorn. Well Reno happened to get one in. It had the premium interior with all the cool new shit, so I went and bought it.
I had them put my 17" wheels with my new Duratracs on it from my old Taco sport. Not a bad looking truck if I do say so myself.

I'm ordering an ARE camper shell this week, and then it's off to the mountains to go camping.

Dolan gave me $30k for my '16 sport with 55k miles on it. If you've got a Taco or 4Runner, they're dried up on the used market right now -- you'll get money for yours if you're in the market for a new vehicle.

and @Dr Smash I'm likely gonna need those rock rails built soon :D



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Nice! I do like that color, should keep the Nevada pinstriping hidden well.

Definitely gotta protect those rockers and doors, with such long wheelbase you run out of break over angle pretty quick. I'm building these for my Tundra right now. At least it looks like the rockers are pretty straight, on the Tundra I had to taper the front and angle the back to follow body lines.
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Yah I think the quicksand is the best color on the Tacos. 2020 is the last year for it too! This year was the mid-cycle refresh, so it's got a few new gizmos on it.


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That's my favorite color of them too. It blends in good with the desert. When I was looking it wasn't offered in the higher end packages so I ended up with a different rig.


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People call it Insurgent Tan lol. I think it fits our climate here well.
2020 is the mid model refresh for the tacos. It's decently well appointed inside with the premium interior. First anything I've ever owned with leather seats. And the first year Toyota ever put a power adjustable drivers seat in them if you can believe that.

That was probably my biggest bitch with my '16 Sport. Couldn't raise the seat, and that stupid hood scoop was always in the way.

I had an early version of the 16 -- first year with the 3.5L and the new body style (don't buy first year models). This new truck drives and shifts so much better it's not even comparable.


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I have a 17' Sport with only 49k miles on it, you got me thinking about getting a 4runner with what they are willing to give me for the truck haha


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I *finally* ordered my shell last week. 12-14 weeks out! Supply chain issues and demand slowing the whole parade.

I went with an ARE Overland. Sliding windoors (so our big dog can stay comfortable), folding/sliding front window, interior lighting, all that fun stuff.

I was really considering an aluminum shell or a shell/rooftop tent combo, but realistically will be better off with the standard fiberglass shell. Can still sleep in the bed if I want to, as I've got the longbed taco.


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Very impressive truck you have there. I wanted to install the same tires that you've mentioned but decided to stick with all-terrain tires from Toyo. I might get a dedicated mud tire later this year when I change my current chrome wheels.