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I was up with my brother running the trail that goes from Mt. Rose Highway to Holcomb lane (above arrow creak) and they've got a HUGE section of the trail torn up in preparation for houses. We could hardly get through there. . .Now, I'm going to talk to the developer tomorrow and see if they'll build us a new section of trail up the hill further and out of the way of the houses. If they say no (which they almost certainly will) I seriously would not be averse to taking legal action. I was under the impression that it was all public land. I guess not though. Are there any legal options that anyone knows of? It's my favorite trail, I'd hate to have some 2 million dollar house right in the middle of it :mad: :mad:


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that's a great mild trail ride-- unlkess its wet, then its a lot of fun! We used to camp way up Thomas Creek and the road from Mt. Rose Hwy was dirt all the way from there to the end of Thomas Creek Road, in SW Reno. Now all those McMansions are creeping up to the USFS line.

My first suggestion is to determine the developer, call and politely ask whether they plan to keep open that thru-way. Be very nice and ask reasoned questions; do not take a hostile attitude (that comes later) and see what they have to say. This might be a temp. 'closure' for construction. Maybe there are no plans to make a public road thru there. I'd even suggest going to the sales office and look at the maps and dioramsas they display. Gather information, play dumb.

When Somersett was planned, the developer had no clue about the Peavine access roads and had planned to simply berm them closed, as the new high dollar homes would abut the public lands. Nice for the homeowners, they get a trailhead in their back yard. We gently asked and were shown the midddle finger. So, we filed an objection to their master plan over the access. It went to the City Council and County planning commission. We prevailed and now there are two, guaranteed, deeded points of public access thru their development. This may have to happen again.

According to my map of presumed county roads, timberline is shown as a thru county road. There is a new county ordinance that offers a mechanism to challenge closure of presumed county roads and it is written with a pro-access bias, thats good.

So, more info is needed. Call, visit or whatever and play dumb-- ask questions. With Somersett, we called up and pretended to be potential buyers and wanted to know if those damn jeeps would be running in our back yard-- they said "oh, no, we're going to take care of that", so now the rest of the story offers access. Maybe go take pictures and report back w/ ur findings.

If the answeer is no more access, there are folks that will take on the legal fight-- but we have to pick our battles carefully. Still, this road is presumerd to be open and should stay that way.

Keep us posted.