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Yesterday we went up above frenchmans, i think the road is called snowlake.. Anyways at the main junction up there, there are a couple fields with remains of old buildings.. Someone has tore hell out of that area including new growth trees.. The tracks appear to be UTV but not 100%, how do we help prevent this and help keep trails open?

Simple Man

First off, join a local club. The Hills Angels are awesome. They do a lot of work placing barriers along the sides of trails to prevent people from going off trail, clean up projects and removal of abandoned vehicles.

Second, be a good example and always do the right thing. Educate others when you can.

Third, respectfully let others know what they are doing will get our trails closed. Do not confront them aggressively. I don't anyone getting hurt. Get their plate and vehicle description if they give you flack and then call the Sheriff and or Forest Service and report it.


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Thanks man, ill check into Hills Angels. And the wife and I pick up trash all the time on trail, did not see anyone doing the damage just the aftermath. im trying to get a few family and friends into offroading and when talking about it we discuss things like trail edicate and leaving things better than you find them. We try to lead by example.

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Yeah that is Snow Lake up there and its unfortunate with all the new side by sides people just go out and rip up everything!