One Day Technician Ham Class coming up on July 20!


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This is your chance to get a Ham License in just one day!

The class is Saturday, July 20 at the NVCON convention at Boomtown Hotel and Casino. These classes have about a 95% pass rate but you do have to read the Gordon West book "2018 - 2022 Technician Class" as I think his material is the easiest way to get your license. The book, the test, and all the material are at a 7th grade level so most people won't have any trouble passing the test. I don't care for the ARRL book as I think it's dull and dry. For complete info on the class go to . There are also different class materials listed together with places you can take a sample test on the website. It's a pretty easy test for adults!

At the class we'll go through all the questions, give you the right answer, and you'll learn enough about Ham radio to get you started!

Special note: the test questions just changed last year so be sure to read the 2018-2022 material!


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I saw that listed but I wasn't sure about testing. Can I just email someone to take the exam, are they offered all the time, or does it have to be an official test day? I realize right now they could answer that. Typing this twice seems like overkill.