open country at3


Need to replace my A/T tires soon, and I'm thinking of getting the Open Country AT III from 4wheelonline. Does anyone have first-hand experience with this new Toyo all-terrain tire? The price seems comparable to the Falken Wildpeaks. Thanks.


I ran the second gen for a while, had them for 50k or so. If I was in the market for an AT, I wouldn't hesitate to get the third gen. On that note, I put the Pro Comp AT on my wife's truck when she needed tires a couple years ago. The tread design isn't too far off from the Toyo, just food for thought.


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I'm a fan of the Falken Wildpeak ATs that I have on my Tundra. They wear nice and pretty durable with decent sidewall thread design.


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I run the open country II on two of my trucks and will be getting the III when the jeep tires need to be replaced.