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Ahwile ago someone posted a link to a website that sold diff cover rings and some other small fab stuff.

Can anyone post the link?


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umm, sells some stuff. If you want, you could always ask Sam down at Samco fab, he can make darn near anything for you, his product is A+, and he is a great guy to deal with. Give him a call down at his shop
Samco Fabrication
572 Reactor Way #A4
Reno, NV 89502
775 856 4100
Or there is Shaffers in Carson
Anything specific you had in mind, I know dennis had some stuff he was selling.


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blue torch was one of sites, there was another one that sold just the diff ring, you are required to make the rest of the diff cover.


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I ordered my rings from offroadfabnet and got them in about 3 days. They're really nice quality and not too shabby of a price. (I wanna say like $70 for front and rear).